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Gorgeous Views of Sea – Puri Hotel Holiday Resort

Famous for its beautiful beaches Puri is the most popular tourist destination in the state of Odisha. For those staying here this is the best possible weekend getaway and for those coming from outside this is a place with many possibilities. You can visit the 12th century Jagannath Temple, see the Sand art Park and go to the artists’ village in Raghurajpur where you can see how the traditional paintings or the Pattachitras are being made  and can directly buy the paintings which will encourage the artisans and let you pick up paintings at a reasonable price. People coming here generally plan for a travel holiday as this place is a kind of doorway to visit the famous Sun temple in Konark, Chillika Lake that attracts thousands of migratory birds in the winter months, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada and numerous temples and beaches in the vicinity. Those who come to Puri enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere, slow life style and the greenery all around. Being extremely well connected one can come here without wasting too much time and so all throughout the year you will find tourists in this part of the state.

Gorgeous Views of Sea - Puri Hotel Holiday Resort

People coming here prefer to stay in one of those hotels close to the sea and demand for these hotels are naturally quite high. Out of all the hotels here Holiday Resorts is not only the most popular it is the best place facility wise. This sea facing Puri Beach Resort maintains a judicious balance between luxury and affordability and the guests enjoy all the modern amenities without upsetting your budget. But as the occupancy rate is high one should plan and book accommodation well in advance and at the same time opt for privilege membership card which lets the owner avail some excellent discounts and make the holiday package extremely economical and pocket friendly. The hotel offers its guests a variety of accommodation options and depending on your requirement you can choose to stay in one of their standard, deluxe or take a family room which is ideal for those travelling in a group or have young children. There are some beach cottages which are cosy and independent units with a small patch of garden and two presidential suites which are absolutely gorgeous and are generally opted for by those who are on their honeymoon.

This hotel offers its guests all kinds of amenities which can make your stay extremely comfortable and as you will have enough time to explore the city and its nearby areas. The hotel has two multi cuisine restaurants where the guests can enjoy a variety of Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes and trying out the seafood dishes are a must. You can sit down to have leisurely meals and enjoy the view which you can clearly see from the dining area. Moreover there is a bar and a bakery shop which has the most delicious cakes and other confectionery items that you will come across in the city. There are gift shops, travel desk and an exclusive play area where the children can play with board games, video games and a karaoke system to try out their singing abilities. Though Puri is a great place to buy souvenirs, silver filigree items and paintings you can pick them up easily in the gift shop. There are swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and a wellness SPA Hotels in Puri for the guests to relax after a tiring day. As there is a private beach right next to the hotel one can spend some really enjoyable time swimming, walking or simply enjoying the sunrise and the sunset. Apart fromthis being the most popular place to stay it is also a much sought after venue for weddings, reception, birthday and anniversary parties. You can book one of their Banquet Halls, Conference Room or the garden area to organise events and functions. The fully equipped Conference room is ideal for seminars, meetings and workshops as there is provision for individual microphones, overhead projector and other facilities that will facilitate these events. So if you are planning to visit Puri then opt for this wonderful hotel to stay and host all kinds of social and official functions without any kind of problem.

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Place Your Best Bet For The Beach Holiday with Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

Even though it is natural that you will check out Puri before booking hotels and package tours nothing will prepare you for the actual visit. Pictures on the net don’t do justice to the sparkling waters of Bay of Bengal, soft golden sands of its mile long beaches, awe inspiring grandeur of the Jagannath Temple and the amazing Sand Art Park best which has sculptures done by artists of international repute. The best part about the city is the ambience which is both festive and totally relaxing. The best way to explore the place is by foot or you can take an auto though an open hood cycle rickshaw ride in the evening is an experience by itself. Being both a major tour hub and a famous pilgrimage tourism is the major occupation and so you will find people to be quite friendly and the city to be quite safe. You can easily come here by train from any part of the country or can fly down to the nearest airport in Bhubaneswar which is only an hour’s drive from the main city.

Place Your Best Bet For The Beach Holiday with Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

Most of the tourists coming to Odisha start with Puri and stay here to visit the numerous tourist places in the nearby areas. There are plenty of hotels and one can choose the one that would fit his budget and other criteria. Though there are more than a hundred options most of the people prefer the comforts of Holiday Resorts the number one name in the tourism industry. This is a Luxury Hotels in Puri which offers you all modern amenities but the rates are nominal and in fact when you compare the facilities with the charges you will be pleasantly surprised. To make it even better for the guests they offer a privilege membership card which lets you avail some excellent discounts. But the only problem is its high occupancy rate and to avoid some last minute hassle you can go for online booking much before your actual arrival. You can see the various options to choose the one that is best for you and ask for a room which will offer you a beautiful view of the sea. There are standard, deluxe and family rooms along with some beach cottages and two presidential suites better known as the Honeymoon Suites. All the rooms are well appointed and have everything that you might require including AC, TV, tea/coffee maker and a digital locker to keep your valuables. As a complimentary gesture the guests are given packaged drinking water, English newspaper and some freshly baked cookies which add that extra touch and make you feel welcomed.

After checking in you can take a tour to see all that they have to offer but then you can also take a virtual tour to familiarize yourself with the resort. There are two multi cuisine restaurants that offer the best of Indian and International dishes. The seafood is the best that you will find in the city and so apart from the guests staying here other tourists and local people too make a beeline to have a meal here. There is a well-stocked bar where you can get your preferred drink but you must try their cocktails and mock tails which are absolutely delicious. For those who enjoy confectionery items there is a nice bakery and apart from a large variety of cakes, pastries they take order to bake you cakes for special occasions. The swimming pool area is where most of the guest spend a good amount of time as there are Jacuzzi, gym and a wellness spa where you can get a massage done to feel refreshed and reenergized after a tiring day. Even though there are a lot of options as far as relaxing here is concerned nothing can be compared with the pleasure of swimming in the cool blue waters of the sea and relaxing in the private beach area of Puri Beach Resort Holiday Resorts. The resort also has gift shops, travel desk to hire cab or book tours and an exclusive play area for the children where they will get to play with video games, board games and the budding singers can have a great time with the karaoke system. It’s a great place for the couples who can take the candlelight dinner arrangement to spend a romantic evening together.

Holiday Resorts can also be just the place if you are looking for a venue to celebrate wedding, throw a birthday or anniversary party. They have Banquet Halls, Conference Room and a huge garden area where you can also have meeting, seminar, workshops and any other open air event that you have in mind. So for a wonderful stay or for any event choose this hotel which can be your one stop solution in Puri.

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Beat The Heat At Best Summer Destination – Enjoy Beach Holidays at Puri

The state of Odisha is frequented by tourists all throughout the year as there are excellent places to visit including national park, beach, temples and monasteries. Among all these the most popular place is the coastal city of Puri synonymous with the historic Jagannath Temple. For both the local people of the state and those coming from outside this city is the number one destination. Beautiful and pristine beaches, coconut tree, clear blue waters of the sea, old temples, colourful houses and a relaxed atmosphere of the place is enough to attract you and make you want to stay here. On top of it the city works as a kind of gateway to some of the most exotic destinations which include the world famous sun temple in Konark, a heritage site, Chillika lake home to thousands of migratory birds who fly down from far flung countries, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, Sand Art Park within the city limits and the Artists’ village in Raghurajpur where you can go to see the artists at work and can buy some beautiful paintings which will not only be cheaper than the market it will also motivate the person doing it.

Beat The Heat At Best Summer Destination- Enjoy Beach Holidays at Puri

You can reach Puri directly by train or can fly down to the nearest airport that is in Bhubaneswar and the drive from there is a beautiful one as the roads are good and you can enjoy the paddy fields, small ponds filled with lilies and stop by to have tender coconut water which are sweet and extremely healthy. Finding accommodation in the city will pose no problem as there are lots and lots of hotels and resorts catering both to the tourists and devotees coming here on a day to day basis. While most of these places are quite cheap there are also some fancy hotels too. But out of all these hotels Holiday Resorts is by far the best and most popular name in the tourism sector. This sea facing beach Puri Resort Booking on the Chakratirtha Road is a beautiful white building surrounded by well-maintained lawn and the sea at a distance give it a picture postcard look. You can check out the website and compare the price and facilities with other luxury hotels in the city to know that they offer the best possible deal and to make it better for their guest there is the option of a privilege membership card that make the whole package even more economical. You can opt from a variety of options with regard to accommodation which include some standard, deluxe and family rooms along with a number of beach cottages and two presidential suites which are ultra glamorous and super comfortable.

The facilities here are absolutely awesome and at par with any Luxury hotels in Puri in the country. You will have access to swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a wellness spa maintained by trained professionals. The private beach area is right next to the hotel and so one can go for swimming, walking or simply to relax on the soft golden sands and watch the sun rise and sun set according to your wish. There are two multi cuisine restaurants here where you can have scrumptious meals and here too the options are many. You can have Indian, Chinese, Continental dishes along with some fresh and delicious seafood a speciality of the chefs here. In addition to this there is a bar and a bakery shop where you can order a drink of your choice and get some excellent confectionery items and pre order cakes for special occasions. The hotel also has gift shops, a travel desk and for the children there is an exclusive play area with all kinds of board games, video games and a karaoke system.

Holiday Resorts can be the perfect place to celebrate weddings, reception, birthdays, anniversaries and also to organise meeting, seminars and workshops. There are a number of Banquet Halls, a smart Conference Room and a huge garden area that can accommodate as many as 3000 people. So once the party whether official or social has been decided all you have to do is book the required place and leave everything in the capable hands of the management after discussing all important details. So Holiday Resorts can be your one stop solution for a relaxing holiday or a fabulous party but before everything go ahead and do the online booking well in advance and rest will be taken care of by their efficient staffs.

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Stay At The Most Beautiful Sea Facing Hotel In Puri- Hotel Holiday Resort

The beautiful seaside city of Puri hold promises that few can resist. Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in Odisha this city is a must see place and being well connected it attracts thousands of people on a daily basis. Being a coastal area the temperature remains moderate and so you will find tourists coming here all throughout the year. Even though the maximum footfalls are during Rath Yatra or the annual Chariot Festival which is attended by more than a million devotees and tourists the peak tourist season remains the winter months when the weather condition is absolutely fantastic. Puri is both a tourist destination, pilgrimage and on top of it acts as a kind of gateway to some of the most popular destinations in the state. People prefer staying here as there are plenty of options with regard to accommodation and take a holiday package to visit Konark, a world heritage listed site and the sun temple here is an architectural marvel and you can stand there for hours at a stretch marvelling at the sculptures made from black granites. There is also the Chillika Lake, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, Sand Art Park and the artists’ village in Raghurajpur where one can see the artists at work and buy the traditional paintings known as Pattachitras directly and that too at a reasonable amount.


Being a major tourist hub the city has hundreds of resorts and hotels in puri targeting people coming from all walks of life. You can opt for affordable and modest hotels or go for a luxury resort but if you browse through the net and compare prices you will see that it is Holiday Resorts that is offering you the best possible deal in Puri. Located right next to the beach in Chakratirtha Road this sea facing hotel in Puri is one of its kind and maintains a lovely balance between luxury and affordability. Highly recommended by the people who have stayed here and trip advisor this is by far the most popular hotel in the city and definitely the best in terms of amenities offered and services provided. It has its private beach area and offers a fabulous view of the sea from most of the rooms. You can go for online booking as it shows a high occupancy rate and moreover you can then be sure of getting a room with a view. To avail excellent discounts do not forget to opt for the privilege membership card which is made available when you go for direct booking or go online. With a variety of options with regard to accommodation it is easy to get exactly what you want and so you can stay in one of the standard rooms, go for a deluxe one and the family rooms are the best for those who are travelling with small children or are travelling in a group. There are also some beach cottages that give you added privacy and a small garden area where you can sit out and enjoy the view that is stunning to say the least. The two presidential suites are absolutely gorgeous and are popularly referred to as the honeymoon suites.

Guests who stay here really like the amenities the hotel provides and it is easy to see why. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a wellness spa where you can head for a luxury massage or pamper yourself with a beauty regime. You will further have access to a travel desk, gift shops and children can play in the play zone which has all kinds of board games, video games and a karaoke system to sing along with. Couples wanting to spend a romantic evening together can go for the candle light dinner arrangement. With flowers, cakes, a chef’s special dinner and a surprise gift the evening will be more than one has hoped for. The two multi cuisine restaurants of the hotel are well known for the culinary delights and you will get the best of Indian, Continental and Chinese food along with some great seafood dishes.

Holiday resorts is also a great place to plan weddings, reception, birthday, anniversary or to organise seminar, meetings and workshop. There are a number of Banquet Halls in Puri, Conference Room and a huge garden are that can easily accommodate more than a thousand people. So apart from being a perfect hotel for its guests Holiday Resorts has become a very popular party hotel. Excellent management, efficient staff members and a beautiful ambience have made this hotel the most popular places to stay in Puri.

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