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Food, Beach and Comfort- Enjoy All At Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

Are you looking for a Honeymoon Hotels in Puri?

If you have decided to spend your holidays near the sea then Puri in Odisha can be one of your best possible options. This city on the shores of Bay of Bengal lies in the eastern parts of the country and is well known for the pristine beaches, extremely calm and safe sea waters and also for being an important pilgrimage. The 12th century Jagannath Temple stands in the heart of the city as a symbol of people’s faith and every day thousands of people come here to pay homage to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. Those who don’t get a chance to see the deities in the temple come here during the Rath Yatra or the chariot festival held once in a year in the months of June-July. Tourists choose to come here as apart from its own attractions the city pose as a gate way to some of the most exotic tourist attractions in the state including the sun temple in Konark, birds’ sanctuary in Nalabana, Chillika Lake that attract thousands of migratory birds, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, sand art park and the artists’ village in Raghurajpur.

Hotel Rooms with sea view in Puri

Communication wise Puri is great and you can reach here by train from any part of the country. Those on a tight schedule can fly down to the nearest airport in Bhubaneswar which is just an hour’s journey from the main city. People find it quite easy to find accommodation as per their budget and requirements as the place is filled with hotels and resorts.  But out of all these the hotel which has the best reputation and gives great value for money is Holiday Resorts on the Chakratirtha Road. This luxury hotel is one of its kind as the guests get fabulous facilities at a pocket friendly price. There are swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a spa with expert masseurs and beauticians. You can avail these awesome facilities without spending a lot as the hotel offers a privilege membership card that lets you avail some excellent discounts in the room tariffs, in the food and also in the spa facilities. There are also Chinese Hotels in Puri,which you can avail accourding to your budget and price. The accommodation options are plenty and most of them offer a fantastic view of the sea which is right at the back. You can take one of the standard, deluxe or family rooms as per your choice or settle down in a beach cottage which will give you a lot of privacy and you can enjoy having your morning coffee in the small garden area surrounding the cottage. There are two presidential suites generally taken by couples on their hone,,,,,,,,,,,ymoon and they are easily the most luxurious and comfortable rooms that you will ever find. You can go in for booking on arrival but as the place shows a high occupancy rate you can book the room online and get the exact one you were hoping to stay.

Holiday Resorts is known for its fantastic facilities and as a guest you will not be disappointed. There are two multi cuisine restaurants, bar and a bakery shop that will give you a wide variety of choice when it comes to food. You can order the best of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes along with some fresh seafood which are a must have and apart from the guests others in the city also come here for a meal. Excellent food, great ambience, efficient service and minimum waiting time have made these restaurants a sure fire hit. As a guest you will enjoy some other facilities like a travel desk, gift shops and an exclusive play area for the children. Not only as a hotel to stay this resort is also a popular venue for all social and official events. There are a number of Banquet Halls, Conference Room, a huge garden and a private beach which can be booked for weddings, reception, official parties, meetings and seminars. All arrangements are done by the hotel but a detailed discussion with the manager is a must for the success of any event.

So whether you want to come to Puri for a vacation, for a religious event or to host a party Holiday Resort is just the place to be for a hassle free and absolutely relaxing time in the city.


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Holiday at Puri Beach Resort- Experience the Best

When it comes to holidaying in the eastern state of Odisha the first name that comes to mind is that of Puri an ancient and an extremely fascinating city on the shores of Bay of Bengal.  Known to be an important pilgrimage of the Hindus this is one of the four most sacred cities in India and is popularly known as Jagannath Dham after the reigning deity.  People come here because of the religious significance and also to enjoy the incredibly beautiful beaches and a sea that will make you feel excited by the mere sight. As the city is well connected by both railways and airways you can easily reach your destination without any hassle. As the nearest airport in Bhubaneswar the capital of the state is just an hour’s drive from Puri you can come to Puri at any time. Though the city has the maximum footfalls during the time of Rath Yatra or the world famous Chariot Festival held every year during the month of June-July tourism is an round the year phenomena. With most of the people directly or indirectly depending on the temple or on tourism for their livelihood the city is filled with hotels and resorts. One can opt to stay in cheap and affordable Hotel in Puri or can go for a high end one depending on his budget but the one that is favoured by most is undoubtedly Hotel Holiday Resorts situated right on the beach.

This luxury resort with all modern facilities and a private beach area is an instant hit with those who come to stay as the ambience is great, the staff members are friendly and the best part is that you get all the facilities of a star hotel without burning a hole in your pocket. This hotel is highly recommended by trip advisor and have won their certificate of excellence not once but twice which says a lot about it. Being popular it is but natural that it should show a high occupancy rate and so one should do online booking to avoid any last minute glitches. While you are at it you can take up the offer of privilege membership card that would let you avail some excellent discounts making your holiday package pretty affordable. The resort has a variety of accommodation options that include some standard, deluxe and family rooms along with some beach cottages and two presidential suites which are generally the first choice of the couples on their honeymoon. Apart from these the hotel has a number of Banquet Halls, Conference Room and a massive garden area which has made it the most popular venue for weddings, receptions, meetings, seminars and many such social as well as official events. The garden is great for outdoor parties and can comfortably accommodate as many as 3000 people. But as the place is high on demand you can do your booking well in advance and have a detailed discussion with the manager about your budget, decoration, food and then leave everything in their capable hands.

Food is a major area of concern for those coming from outside and vacations are that time when you can say goodbye to your diets and enjoy a variety of food stuff according to your taste. To provide you with some delicious and quality dishes there are two multi cuisine Restaurant in Puri, a bar and a bakery shop in the hotel premises. You will get the best of Indian, Continental and Chinese food along with their signature seafood dishes which are absolutely fresh and cooked to perfection. Try out the exotic cocktails and mock tails in the bar and for those with a sweet tooth will find the bakery shop to be a delightful place filled with cakes, pastries and other oven fresh stuff. To burn these calories you can hit the pool, go swimming in the sea and walk along the shore. The resort further has facilities that include a well-equipped gym, Jacuzzi and a wellness spa. To make it even more comfortable for the guests the resort has gift shops, travel desk and an exclusive play area for the little ones. Couples wanting to spend a romantic evening can try the candle light dinner arrangement to make it a more memorable experience.

So if you are making plans to visit Puri then book your accommodation in Holiday Resorts and have a glorious time exploring every nuances of this historic city.

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Holiday Just The Way You Want- Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

The beautiful beaches of Puri in the state of Odisha is easily one of the major attractions but then there is lot more to this multi-faceted city. Known all over the world for its 12th century Jagannath temple this is an important pilgrimage of the Hindus and every day thousands of people come here to pray and seek blessings of Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Vishnu. The numbers reach more than a million during the annual Rath Yatra or the Chariot festival and this is an experience one must have at least once during his life. But though the city has a religious connotation it is also a place of beauty and being at a short distance from some more tourist attractions it works a short of gateway. Staying in the city you can easily drive down to see the world famous sun temple in Konark, Chillika Lake, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, Sand Art Park and the artists’ village in Raghurajpur. Though some of these places have accommodations most of the tourists prefer to stay in Luxury Hotels in Puri as the choices are many and you get a place that would exactly meet your specifications.

Being a popular tour hub you will find the city filled with hundreds of hotels and resorts but the one that is preferred by most is Hotel Holiday Resorts, a wonderful beach resort in the Chakratirtha Road. This hotel has made its presence felt in the hospitality sector and comes highly recommended by trip advisor winning their certificate of excellence twice. You can go for online booking but make sure to do it much before your actual arrival as the place has a high occupancy rate most of the time. There are a variety of options and you can easily pick one as per your budget and requirements. There are standard, deluxe and family rooms along with a number of beach cottages and two presidential suites which are a class apart. Known as the honeymoon suites these rooms are ultra-glamorous and the view from there is one you have to see to believe. But then most of the rooms here offer a fabulous view of the sea and in fact you can ask for a room with a view while doing your booking. The hotel offers a privilege membership card and you can take it to avail excellent discounts on the room tariffs, in the restaurant and in the spa facilities.

There are two multi cuisine restaurants here that has eclectic menus and you can have the best of Indian, Chinese and Italian delicacies along with seafood which is a speciality of the chefs. You will find the staff here who are always attentive, provide excellent service and with a glorious view of the sea at a distance the meals become occasions to savour. One of the Restaurant in Puri has a bar where one can drop in for a drink and the bakery shop with its array of cakes and pastries is a favourite place of both grownups and children. The swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and spa in the hotel premises are ideal ways of relaxing after a hectic day. Children have a great time in Hula-hoop, an exclusive play area where there are board games, video games, white boards to write on and a karaoke system to sing along with. Some other facilities here include gift shops, travel desk and on top of it you can opt for a candle light dinner programme which will let you have the most romantic evening with your partner.

Holiday Resorts is just not a hotel to stay, it is also a place where one can hold meetings and host parties. With a number of Banquet Halls, a fully equipped Conference Room and a huge garden area that can easily accommodate as many as 3000 people it is fairly easy to organise meetings, conference, workshop or go for a lavish wedding, engagement, birthdays and anniversaries. So whether you want a fabulous vacation or want to host an event you can choose this hotel where you can completely relax and go back with complete satisfaction.

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Fun In The Sun with Long Beach Run

time for fun, excitement and there should be an element of adventure and learning something new. With most of the people leading a pretty hectic and stressful life the need for long and relaxing holidays have become a must. The attraction of the clear blue waters of the sea, pristine beaches and a totally relaxing atmosphere can be irresistible and that is the reason why Puri in the eastern state of Odisha has become one of the most popular destinations in India. The city situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal has different connotation for different people. Some people come here to learn about the art, architecture and traditions of the state while for some it is a major pilgrimage. But most of the tourists come here for the sea which is safe, clean and extremely beautiful. Apart from all this you can also visit some of the most interesting and exciting destinations in the nearby areas including the Sun Temple in Konark, Chillika Lake, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, artists village in Raghurajpur, Sand Art Park and the world famous Jagannath Temple in the heart of the city.
                                            Puri Hotel Near Sea Beach
Being a major tour hub the city has a lot of resorts and hotels and they cater to the needs and requirements of tourists coming from different walks of life. Here you will find cheap, budget hotels and a couple of high end luxury ones. But people who browse the net to find suitable accommodations opt for Holiday Resorts the number one name in the city in Puri Hotel Near Sea Beach. Situated close to the sea this hotel offers you all possible facilities and luxuries and that too at a price that is pocket friendly.
Hotels In Puri Sea Beach
You can go for online booking to get room as per your requirement and at the same time avail attractive discounts by opting for their privilege membership card. The rooms here are elegant and most of them offer a gorgeous view of the sea and so you can take your pick from the standard, deluxe and spacious family rooms ideal for couples with young children or for people travelling together. There are some deluxe cottages and presidential suites for those who want to stay in the lap of luxury. The resort also has Banquet Halls and a fully operational Conference Room which are ideal for all kinds of social and official parties and gatherings. The garden area here is huge and can accommodate up to 3000 guests and so has become the venue for many weddings and reception parties.
Best Hotels in Puri
The management here believes in providing the guests with all possible facilities and so you will have ample time in hand for shopping, sightseeing or simply relaxing with your loved ones. There are two multi cuisine restaurants where you will find all kinds of Indian and international dishes and sampling of the seafood is a must as they are absolutely delicious and fresh. Here you will have access to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a Wellness Spa and to a private beach area where you can swim, walk or sit down to enjoy the sunrise and set across the horizon. The hotel has a travel desk to help you with booking of a cab or you can take one of the package tours to see the tourist spots in and around the city. There are gift shops, bakery and the Hotels In Puri Sea Beach has a candle light dinner arrangement for those who want to spend a romantic evening with their partner. The hotel has won the certificate of excellence from trip advisor and the friendly and efficient staff members do their best to make your stay a truly memorable one.


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