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Keep Your Stress At Bay- Beach Holiday Accommodation In Budget Now

When you are at your workplace surrounded by files and computers the mere picture of a calm blue sea can lift your spirits and fire your imagination. In today’s time stress has become a part of life and so regular holidays and vacations are not a luxury but have become a necessity. The importance of this is now recognised by doctors and mental health experts and there is a growing awareness among people who have started giving importance to traveling and taking regular vacations to avoid the burn out syndrome. India is filled with beautiful places to visit and if you are planning for a few days near the sea then Puri can be the perfect option. The best part about the place is that it is extremely well connected and so you can travel either by train or you can fly to Bhubaneswar and hop into a taxi and be in Puri within an hour. Finding accommodation in the city is a fairly easy task as there are more than a hundred hotels and resorts in and around Puri. Being an important tour hub and a pilgrimage the city remains crowded all throughout the year with the numbers increasing sharply during the annual Rath Yatra and during winters when the weather is at its best.

Keep Your Stress At Bay- Beach Holiday Accommodation In Budget Now

Holiday Resorts in the Chakratirtha Road in Puri is one of the best options and undoubtedly the most popular. This beautiful beach resort is one of its kind as you will have access to all amenities at a price that is well affordable. But going by the high occupancy rate it is better to book your rooms well in time and at the same time opt for the privilege membership card to avail some excellent discounts. There are plenty of choice as far as rooms are concerned and after checking the website you can decide to stay in one of their standard, deluxe or opt for a Family Room Hotel if travelling with children. The beach cottages set amidst lush green garden area will give you added privacy and if you want to stay in the lap of luxury then there are the presidential suites with an unparalleled view of the sea. All the rooms in the hotel are extremely well decorated and apart from all facilities the guests are given packaged drinking water, English newspaper and some freshly baked cookies as compliments of the hotel.

Once you check into the hotel you can say goodbyes to all your worries and tensions and feel completely relaxed as all facilities are there within the premises. The hotel has two multi cuisine restaurants, bar and a bakery which will take you on a food adventure. The restaurants serve all Indian, Chinese, Continental and the seafood here is relished by one and all. In the bar you will get your favourite drink but at the same time try out the cocktails and mocktails which are absolutely delicious. The bakery shop is a favourite both with the guests and others in the city and here you can get the best of cakes, pastries and they take prior order for special occasions. The other facilities that you will be enjoying during your stay include an exclusive play area where the children can play with a variety of board games, video games and sing like a true professional with a karaoke system. The hotel has gift shops where you can buy stationery items for the children to keep them engaged and lot of souvenirs and mementos for your home. Holiday Resort has a travel agency where you can book a tour package, get your tickets booked or get it exchanged. As holidays are all about fun and excitement you will have enough scope here as there are swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and a wellness spa for massage and beauty treatment. Getting up in the morning to see the sunrise, swimming in the sea, playing beach ball or making sand castles with your children can give you endless joy and you can just sit out in the garden and have your evening tea to watch the sun set across the horizon.

Apart from being a wonderful place to stay this resort is also a popular venue for all social and official events. As there are Banquet Halls, Conference Room and a huge garden area to accommodate more than 3000 people you can choose one of these as per your requirement. One can host marriage, reception, birthday and anniversaries and can organise meetings, seminars and workshops. Prior booking and a discussion with the manager is necessary for a successful party and once all formalities are over you can enjoy the event along with your guests. So plan a vacation or host an event in this beautiful beach resort and enjoy your time in this historic city of Puri.

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Honeymoon Hotel At Amazing Location- Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

The beauty of a blue sparkling sea on a hot summer day can be an attraction very few can resist and this is what entices thousands of people to visit Puri in the eastern state of Odisha. Situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal this is a historical city and is considered to be the hub of tradition, culture and religion. Further popular as the abode of Lord Jagannath it is an important pilgrimage and one of the four most sacred places in the country. With the annual Rath Yatra or the Car Festival around the corner Puri is gearing up to receive more than a million footfalls. So if it is a place you are planning to visit in the coming summer holidays then you can start by looking at the hotels in and around the city. Though you will come across hundreds of places, most of which are quite affordable you should look for hotel packages well in time to get what exactly you are looking for.


Out of all these hotels in Puri Holiday Resorts has become a favourite with the tourists both domestic and those coming from abroad. This beautiful resort in the Chakratirtha Road is right next to the sea with its private beach areas. Surrounded by greenery and well-kept gardens this luxurious hotel is easily affordable which is one of the main reason of its popularity. To make it even better for the guests they have a privilege membership card which lets you avail some excellent discounts. Going by the popularity of the place and the high occupancy rate most of the people prefer booking well in advance and you too can go it after going through the site and selecting the room as per your requirement. There are plenty of choice and you can opt for one of their standard, deluxe or stay in the family room hotels in Puri which is ideal for a small family or for those travelling in a group. The beach cottages with its own patch of garden will give you a feeling of home and the two presidential suites are generally taken by those on their honeymoon and also by those who prefer luxury even while travelling.

Once you settle down in your preferred room you can set about exploring the facilities and eventually the city you have come to visit. All the rooms here are air conditioned with facilities like TV, tea/coffee maker and a digital locker to keep your valuable items. Apart from this you will be given packaged drinking water, English newspaper and some freshly baked cookies to make you feel welcome and these happens to be free. There are two wonderful restaurants which offer an eclectic menu comprising of both Indian and International delicacies. You will have a tough time deciding whether to have Chinese, Continental or the seafood which are simply awesome. There is a bar to provide you with cocktails, mock tails and of course your favourite beverage and in the bakery shop you will be tempted to try out the oven fresh items which look and taste good. If all these have made you think of the extra calories you can relax as there are enough options to keep you look good and let you stay fit. With a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and spa you will be able to relax and remain fighting fit. As the sea is right next to the resort you can go for a swim, take long walks along the shore or just sit out the watch the fishing boats and take some lovely photographs of the sunrise and sun set across the horizon.

The other facilities that you will be enjoying your stay include an exclusive play area for the children, gift shops where you can buy some interesting souvenirs and silver filigree items. Couples can go for a romantic evening as there is the option of a candle light dinner arrangement. With all these facilities within the premises it is not only the perfect place to stay during the vacation it is also the most sought after party hotel in Puri. There are Banquet Halls of varying capacity, a smart Conference Room for holding meetings, workshop and seminars. Apart from these you can plan an outdoor event in the garden area that can easily accommodate more than 3000 guests. So be it a marriage, reception, engagement or a birthday you can book one of the venues to celebrate the occasion. So if your destination is Puri then your choice can not be anything other than Holiday Resorts, a place that delivers more than what it promises.

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The One And Only Beach Hotel With Luxury Facility and Budget Prices In Puri

Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in the eastern state of Odisha Puri is one of the most popular and must see destinations for tourists. People come here to enjoy the beautiful beach, temples and also to pay homage to Lord Jagannath revered by people of all religion and faith. The 12th century temple is a must visit place but for those who are not able to see the deities inside they generally come to Puri during the Rath Yatra or the famous Chariot Festival when everyone gets equal opportunity to see the deities who come out of the temple and are taken in massive Raths or Chariots across the city.


Reading about the history of the temple and learning about the Jagannath cult will give you a better perspective both from a religious as well as historical point of view. Tourists coming to Puri generally plan a travel holiday as the city works as a doorway to some of the most well-known attractions in the state including the Sun Temple in Konark, a world heritage listed site, Chillika Lake, famous for the migratory birds, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, Artists’ village in Raghurajpur and many temples and beaches in the marine drive. One can also plan the trip during winter to witness some wonderful events like the dance festival in Konark, Sand Art fest and beach festival in Puri, International surfing festival and the Chillika Festival which have firmly established this city as an important tour attraction in the national as well as international tourism circuit.

You can drive, take a train or fly down to Puri as the place is well connected and can be reached without any problem. Finding accommodation is fairly easy if you have internet access but otherwise you can get hotels even after arriving. The city has a large number of hotels and Beach Resorts in Puri but then if you want a long relaxing vacation with friends and family then you can do a little bit of research and find out the best possible hotel as per your budget and requirement. But going by the recommendation of trip advisor and also after comparing the different hotel deals you will find Holiday Resorts to be your best option in terms of affordability and amenities. This beautiful beach resort in the Chakratirtha road is the first option for most of the tourists and as the room occupancy rate is quite high you can book the rooms well in advance and opt for their privilege membership card to avail some excellent discounts. The resort has a variety of rooms some of which are standard, deluxe and family rooms. You can opt for a beach cottage or stay in a super luxurious presidential suite. As there are plenty of choice it is easy to get one that would exactly match your wish. All the rooms here are tastefully decorated and most of them offer a fantastic view of the sea. Apart from the modern amenities you will be offered packaged drinking water, English newspaper and some freshly baked cookies on your arrival as compliments from the management.

The amenities of Holiday resorts can easily be compared to any good hotel across the globe and the best part about the place lies in a totally relaxed atmosphere and the staff members who do their best to make you comfortable. There are two multi cuisine restaurants here that serve all kinds of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes and of course seafood which is one of their speciality. There is bar to get your favourite drink and all kinds of oven fresh items are available in the cake shop aptly named Baker’s Boutique. There are gift shops, play zone for children and a travel desk that will help you with holiday package, booking and cancellation of tickets and also to get you a taxi with an experienced driver to show you around the city. Holiday Resorts happens to be one of the few hotels in the city which has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a wellness spa and on top of it a private beach area ideal for swimming, walking, playing beach ball or simply watching the sun rise or set depending on your mood.

Holiday Resorts is a multi-faceted place where not only it is great to stay but you can also host all kinds of social and official events. People from the state and from outside come here to organise weddings, reception, engagement, meetings, seminars and workshop. With a number of Banquet halls, a fully equipped conference room and a huge garden area to accommodate as many as 3000 people this beach resort is perfect for events and moreover with all facilities provided for you can easily go for a party. So be it for a stay or to have an event this beach resort is well equipped to offer you the best possible deal.

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Get A Perfect View Room- Hotel Holiday Resort

What makes the coastal city of Puri in Odisha a much sought after tour destination is its easy connectivity, a relaxed and totally laid back atmosphere and last but not the least a sea that is absolutely amazing. All throughout the year the city remains busy as people from all parts of the country and from abroad come here to enjoy being close to the sea, explore the nearby areas and for a great many it is the attraction of Lord Jagannath. Puri apart from being a tourist hub is a pilgrimage and a must see place for all Hindus. But for people of all faith and religion it is the time during Rath Yatra or the annual Chariot Festival when they can see the deities and pay homage. Tourists coming to Odisha start by planning to start from this side of the state as there are some of the most exotic and well known tourist attractions in and around the city. You can stay here and visit the Sun Temple in Konark, see Chillika, the largest brackish water lake in the country and home to thousands of migratory birds in the winter months, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, Artists’ village in Raghurajpur and the beautiful Sand Art Park right inside the city.


Like any other famous tourist attractions Puri too has lots of hotels and resorts but it is a good idea to check them in the net before opting for the one that will offer you the best possible package and where you can have access to all kinds of facilities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Though it is not difficult to get standard Wedding Hotels in Puri it is not that easy to find an affordable luxury hotel with all modern amenities. Holiday Resorts situated on the Chakratirtha road is one such place which is at par with any star hotel but the holiday package is economical and easily affordable. You can compare the tariffs with other luxury hotels with similar facilities and like many other you too will realize it can be your best possible option in the city. Holiday resorts is highly recommended by trip advisor and after staying here you too will be recommending this hotel to friends and other family members. There are plenty of rooms here and you can book one depending on your budget and necessity. You will have options of standard, deluxe and family rooms along with beach houses and two super luxurious presidential suites mostly opted for by couples on their honeymoon. Most of the rooms offer a great view of the sea beach but don’t forget to ask for one when you book your rooms online because these rooms are much in demand. While you are doing your booking online or directly you can opt for their privilege membership card to avail some excellent discounts.

Apart from being a beautiful place to stay this sea facing resort is also an awesome venue which can be booked for all kinds of official as well as social events and gathering. There are a number of Banquet Halls, a modern Conference room and a huge garden are with a capacity to entertain more than 3000 guests within the premises. So depending on the number of invitees you can book one of these places and host wedding, engagement party, birthdays, anniversaries along with meetings, seminars and workshop. A romantic beach wedding or a party under a star studded sky have become popular choices and can be arranged for easily in Holiday resorts.

The facilities that you will be enjoying during your stay include that of restaurants, gift shops, travel agency and an exclusive play area for the children. Guests can sample delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes prepared by some of the most celebrated chefs in the region and the seafood here is absolutely awesome. The hotel has a bar where you can get your favourite drink and the bakery shop is a popular hub as it is filled with wonderful oven fresh items. The fitness conscious ones will have great many options to shed the extra calories and can use the swimming pool for a few laps, hit the gym, try Jacuzzi and go to the wellness spa for a beauty routine or to get a relaxing massage done. But nothing can be compared with an early morning run on the beach or going for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the sea next door. The other facilities you will have access to include gift shops, travel desk and an exclusive play area for the children filled with board games, video games and a karaoke system. Further there is provision for candle light dinner which you can enjoy with your partner and for that you can opt for their candle light dinner arrangement.

Holiday Resorts is the perfect place for family vacations and their well trained and highly motivated staff members will do their best to make sure that you all go back feeling absolutely satisfied and totally refreshed.

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